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211. Krishna Venta, et al. in from of a Bakersfield J.C. Penney

 "Krishna Venta, center, and members of his Box Canyon-based cult, stand in front of the JC Penney's store on Chester Avenue with local Red Cross workers two days after the Bakersfield earthquake of Aug. 22, 1952."



Thursday, January 23, 2020

210. Kay's Cross (from The Dead Files)

Well, folks, I apologize for my silence.  I really have no excuse for being inactive for so long.  I do have reasons (e.g., declining health of family members, work, etc.), but if I offer those up, they too are likely to be viewed as excuses.  (HaHaHa!)  So, I’ll just let well enough alone.

Today, I want to post about by Jennifer Jones (no, not the actress from The Song of Bernadette), who runs The Dead History website at  And it's a website that's a lot of fun.

Kay’s Cross is as much a mystery to me as it is everyone else, but I include it as a topic here because of its alleged connection to Krishna Venta.  And I say “alleged” because I wonder if we’ll ever really link that chain together conclusively.

The article itself offers a lot of interesting tidbits about Kay's Cross.  Instead, of recounting them here, I'll just say read the article.

Ms. Jones appears to have done her research.  Prior to reading this article, I did not know that Krishna Venta “became acquainted with Merlin Kingston’s brother while serving in the Army."  And I was unaware that there even was an interview with Merlin Kingston about Krishna Venta and Kay's Cross.

And I love this from Ms. Jones: "I personally believe it was destroyed by the Kingstons, who were tired of dealing with trespassers on their property. Who else would have a motive to take 80 pounds of dynamite and blow up Kay’s Cross?"

Oh, and I concur with Ms. Jones about the television program Ghost Hunters.  (I hope to write about their Kay's Cross episode soon.)  Let’s just say that – were those guys to visit Mayberry, North Carolina – they’d be apt to find demonic activity in Aunt Bea’s old kitchen.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

209. Web podcasts found at HubHopper

I will comment on these podcasts as time allows me to listen to them

“Fountain of the World” Pt. 1: Krishna Venta

"Fountain of the World” Pt. 2: Krishna Venta

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204. June 1949

I recently purchased this photo.  Apologies for the inferior quality.  As they say, though, it is what it is.
I hope everyone has an enjoyable 4th of July!

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Friday, July 17, 2015

201. Krishna Venta, August 1949

This photo is stamped "August 30 1949" and bears the following notation on the back: "SHOELESS A self-styeled 'messiah,' 'Krishna Venta,' and his attractive wife, Ruth, visited Mayor Lee Monday to get the low-down on Portland.  He is looking for the nation's 'most righteous city.'"