Sunday, October 24, 2010

156. Manson gets it wrong again...

Charles Manson gets his facts about Krishna Venta wrong repeatedly.

At, one will find a September 22, 2010 audio recording by Manson in which he once again offers apocryphal history. At 2:35 minutes into this file, Manson says:

A long time ago, like in 1948, they had a guy called Krishna Venta who had a cult called Fountain of the World over in a place called Box Canyon...and his fountain turned off, and he [Krishna Venta] got all his girls together and put dynamite underneath the house and he blew the whole thing up in protest about the water...We [presumably the Manson Family] stood around the site where he blew himself up.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

155. Krishna Venta (close up)

154. Photograph of Krishna Venta taken during child support dispute

Left to right: Sister Ruth Venta (w/ purse); Sister Nekona (Neva Booth); Sister Jane Shanafelt (w/ eyeglasses), Brother Samuel; Brother Asaiah Bates; and Krishna Venta. In the forefront is Leila Ruth Venta.

This group's moderator recently purchased the original of this photo.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

153. Strange Horizons

The 1967 book Strange Horizons is billed as a collection of, "Astonishing, true stories about supernormal people and events that defy belief - and mystify science" from Borderline magazine.

According to the back cover of the book, the reader should be prepared to, "Visit the startling world of the fantastic, the unreal, where terrifying dreams come true, where mediums, seers, poltergeists, ghosts, witches and other extraordinary psychic talents practice their occult powers!"

Among the stories included in the book are James Harvey's essay regarding Krishna Venta. For more information on Harvey's essay, see:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

152. Moderator article published in The Jonestown Report

"Prophetic Charisma By Len Oakes - A Brief Overview"
The Jonestown Report
October 05, 2010, Volume 12
The Department of Religious Studies at San Diego State University:
Alternative Considerations of Jonestown and Peoples Temple

151. From "Manson Case File"

The website includes a previously available essay by the moderator of "My Search for Krishna Venta," as well as an entry from this blog regarding the book 5 to Die.