Tuesday, November 18, 2008

12. "Master Krishna Venta" by Marjorie B. Moody

While I was still digesting the Harvey article, the booklet "Master Krishna Venta" by Marjorie B. Moody finally arrived.

In hindsight, the only thing of merit in the book insofar as Krishna Venta goes is the "Dedication" page on which she references her association with Krishna Venta. (For all intents and purposes, she was sort of a Fountain of the World "groupie.")

I've never been able to get into this book, and I recently discovered why. As originally posted October 13, 2008 at Amazon, I wrote, "At first glance, the booklet appears to contain excerpts from speeches delivered by Venta prior to his death in 1958. However, be warned: such is not the case! This I know because I recently obtained an original letter dated 1971 in which Mrs. Moody - who apparently fancied herself somewhat of a modern day Madame Blavatsky - states to a friend that the book's contents are actually "new revelations" channeled from Krishna Venta. So, as I admittedly don't believe in such things, my verdict is that what you actually have here is nothing more than a collection of Mrs. Moody's ramblings packaged under Venta's name."

How lame is that?!?!?!?

One other point of interest is that towards the back of the book, Moody references the Universal Mother Mary's Garden and the Mon-ka Retreat, the latter of which is sometimes also apparently referred to as "Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of America." I thought this latter title was interesting given Krishna Venta's discussions regarding mankind having originated on Neophrates and travelled to the Earth via rocket ships.

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