Monday, November 24, 2008

36. Ventura County Star (November 24, 2008) - 2 of 2

Last night, when I finally found time to do so, just for fun, I compared the Ventura County Star article by John Scheibe (see against the Wikipedia entry I created long ago (see

I found the following similarities between the two:

V: "...dressed in robes..."
W: "...dressing in robes..."

V: "...went around barefoot."
W: "...going barefoot..."

V: " shelter to the needy..."
W: "...offering shelter to those in need..."

V: "...feeding the homeless..."
W: "...feeding the homeless."

V: "The group gained national fame..."
W: "The group first gained national exposure..."

V: "...members were the first on the scene to help victims..."
W: "...members had been among the first on the scene to offer aid to the victims..."

V: "...airliner that crashed into the nearby hills."
W: "Standard Airlines Flight 897R which had crashed into the Simi hills."

V: "...mishandled cult funds and been intimate with their wives."
W: "...mishandled cult funds and been intimate with their wives."

And here I'd heard it was a big no-no for journalists to rely on Wikipedia!

I forwarded this list of similarities to a couple of people at the Ventura County Star. As of November 25, 2008, the only thing I have received from them in response is an email from John Scheibe, the article's author, saying, "Thanks Shawn - John."

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