Monday, November 17, 2008

3. "Heaven's Gate: Cult Suicide in San Diego"

Months later, I would eventually realize the name "Krishna Venta" was one with which I should have already been familiar since he was mentioned in a book I had purchased in 1997 - "Heaven's Gate: Cult Suicide in San Diego" by the staff of the New York Post. (He was mentioned in the section of the book addressing California's reputation as the cult capital of America.) However, only a couple of paragraphs are devoted to Venta in this book, and I was obviously reading the book for information regarding what had just happened in California.

Regardless, I went to bed, after having heard about Krishna Venta in "Charles Manson Superstar," thinking, "Now that is a guy I'd like to read about! I'll have to try and remember to look him up on Amazon tomorrow and see what books there are about him."

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