Monday, November 17, 2008

5. An Amazon search reveals little...

When time allowed me to get online and to do a keyword search at Amazon, I was stunned to find there was not a single biography of Krishna Venta available. In this world in which we live, where there are seemingly half a dozen biographies in print on even the most nominal personalities of history, I had anticipated that there would be at least that many biographies available on Krishna Venta. After all, the guy was pretty to be Christ...killed, etc. And not one full length book dedicated to the guy at all!

The closest one came to an actual biography of Krishna Venta was an article from "Borderline"- an old magazine from the 1960s and a book by one Marjorie B. Moody entitled "Master Krishna Venta."

Overwhelmed by a passion to know more about this bizarre personage, I ordered both publications without hesitation.

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