Saturday, December 13, 2008

48. A word about Paul Watkins' "facts"

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In regard to what Watkins writes about Krishna Venta and the Fountain of the World in his book (see, I was tempted to expound on the issues I have with Watkins' remembrances. However, I have opted to not do so for two reasons:

1. In my book, I include a section wherein I separate the fact from the fancy that has come to encase Krishna Venta in the fifty years since his death, and there’s no point in me doing so here.

2. There is so much in Watkins’ presentation that is either historically inaccurate, pure gossip, and/or just plain erroneous, that, for the purposes of this blog, it is simply more expedient to just acknowledge the particles of Watkins’ writings that are not contested: (1) “Charlie always had his eyes open for alternative headquarters”; and (2) the Family did indeed have designs on the Fountain and hoped that they might take eventual possession of the property.

Again, please let me go on record as saying that I am neither a defender of nor an apologist for Krishna Venta and the Fountain of the World. But I am a person who believes accurate history is a precious commodity. To that end, I do not rely on secondary source documents (e.g., Sanders, Watkins, et al.) for my facts regarding Venta but instead upon the mountain of primary source documents I have amassed and the countless hours of interviews I have conducted with the Fountain members who bore witness to the events about which I write.

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