Thursday, January 8, 2009

59. Caren Marsh-Doll and the July 12, 1949 Standard Airlines crash in Chatsworth, California

On July 12, 1949, a Standard Airlines plane crashed into the Santa Susana Mountains. (See,, and The crash would bring national attention to the Fountain of the World.

On page 129 of her book Hollywood's Child Dancing Through Oz (, actress/dancer Caren Marsh-Doll (who was Judy Garland's stand-in in the movie "The Wizard of Oz" and who survived the crash) mentions the Fountain briefly. She writes:

"White-robed figures walked slowy around me in an ethereal scene. Where they angels? If they weren't, who were they? Had I died? What's happening?"

Then, on Page 134, she writes:

"When the papers came out with stories and photos of the crash, I learned who those white-robed figures were at the scene. One article read: 'The bearded and barefoot men in white robes were from a monastery in Box Canyon. They rushed to the mountain to help victims.'"

An updated version of her book was released in 2007 with the title Hollywood's Babe (

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