Friday, February 6, 2009

72. Paper, paper everywhere...

Since I've been working with it this afternoon, I thought I'd share with everyone a couple of photographs of the stacks of documents I've received in the past couple of months from various former members of the Fountain of the World. Right now it all looks like this:

However, with any luck, it will soon look like this:

Oh, and here's a freebie of another tub containing the rough drafts of the various sections of my book on Krishna Venta:

And this doesn't even include the books (hardbacks and paperbacks alike), the electronic documents and data, and all of the hours of interviews that I've amassed!

[Note from February 17, 2009: the documents depicted above were organized on February 7, 2009. The moderator of this blog is now in possession of just under 1,200 documents regarding Krishna Venta and/or the Fountain of the World.]

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