Thursday, February 19, 2009

85. Ghost towns

More erroneous facts can be found at

"I'm new to this site and saw a few posts regarding C. Manson locations. I have extensive knowledge of the Manson Caves and all locations involving the "Family". Regarding the chatsworth/simi valley area, there are places like the Manson Caves; Skull Rock (where LSD induced human sacrifices were taken place); Spahn's Ranch (including the rock C.M. carved his initials in the waterfall and bathing area and the wave cave which is in that famous pic of some of the "Family" squatting in. I have pics of these places too. I only have one scanned and saved though (me coming out of the Hell Hole entrance of the caves). The caves are not in Box Canynon like I've read on this site. They are in the hills above Santa Susana pass. And this isn't the best time to go climbing up there with the rain. The Skull Rock (Fountain of the World cult) is in Box Caynon. The cult still lives in the house which is still on the property of the skull rock. The caves were actually Krishna Venta's (F.O.T.W. cult leader who was dynamited in the caves) caves. C.M. and the "family" learned of the caves from them."

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