Friday, February 27, 2009

89. German language blurb on KV from 1949

This is one of the many articles that circulated worldwide in June 1949 when Krishna was arrested and jailed for not supporting the children borne of his first marriage.

The author does not claim to be a German scholar by any stretch of the imagination, but the piece essentially says:

* Krishna Venta is a man from Los Angeles who claims to be the Messiah;

* He also claims he has 145,000 followers;

* He was jailed recently following his ex-wife's complaints that he has failed to child support his two minor children, which is embarrassing for a messiah; and

* He has since been bonded out of jail on bail.

Any German translators out there are more than welcome to correct me in this regard! I promise I will not take offense whatsoever.

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