Thursday, April 16, 2009

121. 1973 "Manson" documentary (more)

In the 1973 documentary "Manson," Paul Watkins offers the following:
Well, Charlie was trying to take over this religious organization called the Fountain of the World. And Shorty had lived at the Fountain of the World. And, so, he [Shorty] knew what Charlie was doing at the Fountain. Charlie wanted to use the Fountain as a base of headquarters to go out and kidnap kids, bring them there [to the Fountain], tune them in or program them, or take them out to the desert.

Again, this echoes what's said in both 5 to Die and My Life with Charles Manson.

For the record, although it's reported that he frequently attended the Fountain's Saturday night talent shows, Shorty Shea never lived at the Fountain.

For additional information on the Saturday night shows, see:

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