Monday, April 20, 2009

124. Skyhorse and Mohawk (still more)

In an earlier blog entry regarding the Skyhorse and Mohawk case (see, I note, "The Fountain members with whom I've spoken recall there being two separate groups of Native Americans living on the Fountain's property: (1) the group of good guys to whom they initially leased the property; and (2) a group of (obviously) not so good guys, including Skyhorse and Mohawk, who replaced the first group over time."

This contention is supported by Johanna Brand and Warren Allmand who, in their book The Life and Death of Anna Mae Aquash, state that by the time cab driver George Aird was murdered, "...whatever its original purpose, the camp [AIM Camp 13 based at the Fountain of the World] had become a crash pad where drugs and alcohol were often used heavily." (p. 108)

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