Wednesday, May 27, 2009

129. "Coming Down Fast" by Simon Wells

I'm in possession of the pages from Coming Down Fast (the latest work out on Charles Manson) that reference Krishna Venta. (See For whatever reason, this book is currently available only in the U.K.

Not surprisingly, what Wells offers is yet another tired retread of the (mostly erroneous) Krishna Venta material that's already been knocked around for decades by other authors post-Tate/LaBianca (e.g., Gorightly, Sanders, Watkins, et al.)

As stated previously on this blog, the problem with these authors who keep rehashing the same old misinformation is that Sanders presented a bunch of unsubstantiated claims about Krishna Venta in his book The Family, and subsequent writers have accepted his "facts" as gospel (no matter how stupid they might sound) without double-checking them.

What cracks me up about Coming Down Fast is that its subtitle describes it as a "chilling biography." Gee, is that to differentiate it from the "charming" and "uplifting" stuff that may already be out there about Manson?

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