Thursday, December 4, 2014

196. "Krishna Venta: The Christ of Box Canyon" by Rebecca Bradley is an interesting article about Krishna Venta, written by an author with an enjoyable and highly readably style.

Three points about this article, though:

1.  In my research I've found nothing to support the assertion that "sexuality was strictly controlled except where it involved Krishna Venta, who was entitled to a kind of droit du messiah when it came to the women."

2.  The author claims that Krishna Venta was "mentored by Father Divine, who claimed to be God."  Aside from the Fountain being on Father Divine's mailing list, I've found nothing to support this.

3.  I appreciate the wording of the sentence "they also told stories of Krishna performing amateur (fatal) surgery" (i.e., I appreciate the fact that the author acknowledges that this was just an allegation made by the bombers in the days prior to their deaths and not anything substantiated).

And thanks to the author of this essay for acknowledging this blog as a source.

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