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29. EOOM (Machiventa Melchizedek)

Interesting tidbit regarding Earth's Order of Melchizedek (

EOOM believes Krishna Venta to be the "Machiventa Melchizedek" ( discussed at length in The Urantia Book. They arrive at this conclusion presumably by taking into account Krishna Venta's assertion that he was a Melchizedek priest and then adding "M-A-C-H-I" to the beginning of his last name.

By the way, although the group was founded by a former Fountain member, no surviving Fountain members acknowledge any form of kinship or connection to EOOM.

The text below is taken from EOOM's website:


WHO IS , or, for those who perceive only the apparent, was, Krishna Venta?

FIRST, HE is the greatest friend that Urantian (Earthly) human consciousness has ever been blessed by and with. Second, he, in his full expression as Machiventa Melchizedek, is planetary friend, Universal Master, and Grand Guardian of Urantian Consciousness--- Bestowed (Incarnated) on Urantia (Earth) approximately 1830 B.C., Gregorian Calendar. Returned prior to the Creator's Son's Bestowal (Incarnation, approximately 7 B.C.), communicated with Joseph Smith through the Angel Moroni in 1832, communicated to the Prophet Mohammed as the Angel Gabriel.

THE MORTAL body through which the Universal Consciousness of Machiventa Melchizedek expressed on this planet during the years, 1932 through 1958, was a composite, integrated human expression who entered the mortal realm as one Francis Pencovic. The early, developmental years of Mr. Pencovic took him through all areas of human experience and expression; poor immigrant family, dock worker, thief, con man, family man, etc.

MR. Pencovic was selected early (1932) to become the expressive vehicle on Urantia of Machiventa Melchizedek, a Universal Personality. He (Pencovic) was approached by a representative of the Melchizedek Order and informed of his grand mission while a very young man (1932). It was explained to him that through the ensuing years, up until the time of actual assimilation and integration, he would be left primarily to his own devices and destiny in order that his ascending consciousness might not be denied the rounding and maturing influence of his mortal experience and expression. In 1941 the assimilation and integration process began and was finally consummated in 1948. Following completion of the incarnation process, he declared the name Melchizedek and founded the W.K.F.L. Fountain of the World as an institution for the planetary fulfillment of the Melchizedek plan for preparation of Urantian Consciousness to re-enter the Galactic and Universal community in full consciousness. He reactivated several power points of Galactic Circuitry, making possible the further and future fulfillment of the Melchizedek Design of Incarnation.

IN DECEMBER of 1958, he communicated to the body of the fountain membership that they should all leave the Fountain and "find him in the Spirit", explaining to them that the greatest and most important segment of the Melchizedek Plan was about to be instituted, and unless they, (the W.K.F.L. membership) were truly grounded in the truth he had embraced them with, they would find themselves lost and, as it were, cut off from the expanding flow of Universal Communication through the Circuits he had made available to them.

HE HAD PREPARED them several years previous for an "unexpected" act of violence toward his own person, wherein, he would apparently be destroyed by fire when his personal work was completed. He repeatedly and consistently communicated to the Fountain membership that they should not [underlined] worship him, but rather, that which he represented. He referred to himself as a "tool", a "guide", and a "friend", but never denied his Universal Person. Because of his divine nature, he responded as "Master" to those whose human experience needed that discipline, but again, he never demanded or commanded any, except those who did approach him through the Master-Disciple relationship, to consider him anything other than what they could see or perceive.
HE PRESENTED , allegorically, the truth and reality of his Universal influence and relationship at various points in the time/space continuum through all expressions of the Universal flow on this planet during recent history (Quelzalcoath, Moses, Abraham, Kukulcan, Mohammed, Jesus, Moroni, Masaw, Krishna, Buddha, Baba, etc.), and this facet of his current work was that which caused the greatest disturbance among the people because the reality of Universal expression defies and befuddles human reason and logic. Some of his disciples interpreted his presentation literally and immediately laid the groundwork for a cult of personality worship. Because he would not interfere with the natural maturation process of any ascending consciousness, his physical work was greatly hampered by the growing number of personality worshippers who attached themselves to his vortex, restricting any real inquiry concerning his mission.

ON DECEMBER 8 & 9, 1958, he called the membership of the Fountain together and informed them that the time had come when they should all evacuate the grounds-- saying that they were becoming a great burden to his work because they had lost sight of the full purpose of the W.K.F.L. Fountain of the World's Mission. his demands were presented forcefully, yet met with utter disbelief. Little did any of them realize, what was shortly to follow in order to force them from their attachment to his "mortal" expression.

THEIR DESPERATE and fanatical proclamation of his divinity, motivated by self-seeking greed and pride, soon made it highly improbable, if not virtually impossible for any sincere seeker after truth to see or perceive anything in the work done in his name that would remotely resemble that which his disciples had been commissioned to do and perform. Humanitarian service was replaced with greed-motivated self-service; spiritual upliftment was replaced with dogmatic indoctrination; scientific advancement was replaced with traditional prejudice; the encouragement of Universal Economic Security was replaced with constrictions, restrictions, and hoarding; trust was replaced by fear, locks, bars, and restrictions; faith by doubt; truth by error;

DURING the late evening hours of December 9, 1958, two erstwhile followers arrived to 'prove, once and for all, the truth or lie of Krishna Venta'. They carried with them a bomb of several sticks of dynamite and had covenanted with one another to make Krishna Venta publicly deny his Universal Personage, or blow him to kingdom come. The passion of their appointed [underlined] mission reached its climax at approx. 2:00 a.m. on December 10. The resulting explosion destroyed 10 mortal expressions, all of which the Master, in his mercy and compassion, took with him to the Mede Verde Valley--his spiritual planetary headquarters-- there, to complete their individual mortal maturation, prior to entrance into the Morontian spheres.

MEANWHILE , halfway around the globe, one Brother Selch, two days prior to the holocaust dreamed the following dream: He saw a flaming inferno, with a huge vortex of rising smoke and then, ten doves, one white and the rest indescript in color, rose out of the inferno and, after circling the area, flew off in a northerly direction. Those who will, shall understand.

I HAVE WRITTEN this paper in an effort to somewhat clear the air concerning the truth and actuality of my beloved Master and, also, to affirm the reality of his continuing work for and on Urantia. (end of quote)

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