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30. EOOM (Matia Lorion Melchizedek)

Regarding Brother KC - the former Fountain member and now deceased personage who founded EOOM - EEOM (which may or may not still be in business) offers at its website (

My name is Matia Lorion Melchizedek. I am one of 107 Melchizedek Sons assigned to this planet, called Urantia where I come from.

I share a body with a mortal being who was born Kay Franklin Hoine 63 years ago to Jewel Henrietta Thompson Hoine and Kirk Otis Hoine in Bingham Canyon Utah.

My host and I have shared a tumultuous existence since 1957 which we will share with you a little later in this narrative.

The purpose of this writing is many-fold.

First, to declare, to the peoples of this planet that God is alive and well in the hearts and minds of God knowing men and women from all walks of life and living.

Second, to contact other potential Melchizedek hosts so that we can begin the process of exerting Melchizedek influence in the realms of education, worship, politics, socialization, and other forms of human endeavour related to preparing the planet for the eventual return of our Creator Son, in all His Glory.

Third, to challenge the hosts of the remaining initiated Melchizedeks to get off their duffs and be about the Father's business.

Finally, to share, with whoever may have an interest, my 40-year experience as a mortal/Melchizedek, Melchizedek/mortal.

I'll begin with the introduction of mortal to Melchizedek in March of 1957. My mortal/host was a Los Angeles street person who was taken by friends to visit the W.K.F.L. Fountain of the World, located in Box Canyon above Canoga Park, California. When I crossed the threshold of the Fountain grounds, I Was overwhelmed with a feeling of belonging and a burning desire to know more about where this feeling comes from. I was greeted by Sister Muriel who hugged me, welcomed me, and offered to answer any questions. Well, the questions came a mile a minute-----why do you go barefoot? (humility); why do you wear robes? (to promote world peace); how do I join? ( you meet the spiritual leader.): whereupon she took me to meet Bishop Jean. Bishop Jean fed my mind and spirit and the Fountain fed my body. I was initiated as brother KC on the summer solstice of 1957. In 1958 I was appointed temporal leader of the Fountain and then Cardinal Jean and I journeyed to Pioche, Nevada to meet with my family. What a traumatic experience that turned out to be. My family would not understand why I was wearing a robe, going barefoot, and sporting a beard and long hair. I couldn't engage them in any meaningful conversation and they informed me that I was not welcome among them while I persisted in acting out my crazy notions. Cardinal Jean and I returned to the Fountain and I threw myself into the work at hand. Nevertheless, the experience with my family weighed heavily on my heart and mind and in September of 1958 I informed Jean that I had to try to mend the rift in my family. So, I bid a tearful farewell to my Fountain Brothers and Sisters and journeyed to Ogden, Utah to live with my maternal grandparents. I went to work as a chef, rented an apartment from my grandmother and settled into the good life. It was short lived because in December of 1958 two disgruntled former members of the Fountain strapped dynamite to themselves and blew up the headquarters building at the Fountain killing several people including Cardinal Jean and Machiventa Melchizedek. I immediately quit my job and caught the first bus to Canoga Park. When I arrived at the Fountain, I found mass confusion, disbelief, fear and resignation. We pulled together and salvaged what we understood to be the mission. In 1959 a fire destroyed the headquarters building at the Fount of Alaska, in Venta, Alaska, and I was sent to help keep the community functioning. The Fountain structure began disintegrating as we began focusing on personal goals instead of community goals. I applied to the governing body, the Acting Court of Apostles, for permission to open a Fount in Santa Clara, California. I had gathered 20 brothers and sisters who were like minded and we determined we were ready to introduce the Fountain structure to another community. The Acting Court of Apostles denied our request and shortly thereafter began the dispersal of Fountain personnel. In 1962 I returned to the Fountain for the final time in an attempt to revitalize the structure. I declared that I knew I was a potential Melchizedek and assumed the title Spiritual Leader, whereupon the Acting Court of Apostles went into an emergency session, issued a decree denying my claim and sent an emissary to ask me to leave the Fountain grounds. I refused and they then invited me to meet with them which I did. During the course of those discussions my Melchizedek Self took control of my body and informed all of us of the cosmic reality of the Melchizedek mission and the need to move forward in its unfoldment.

During the years discussed above, my spiritual education continued at an accelerated pace. I was led to read the Upanishads, the Bag-Vad-Gita, the Holy Koran, the Holy Bible, the Tau Du Ching, the Oasphe Book the Urantia Book and several other lesser known writings that are, nonetheless, very powerful and spiritually moving works. Also I was led to experience the teachings of living Hindu Masters, Buddhist Masters, Christian mystics, Spiritual mystics and several other disciplines designed to assist in the spiritual progression of the individual. Between the years 1962 and 1971, my Melchizedek education went into high gear. My mortal self learned of Tau flows, authority limitations and how to recognize personal Melchizedek expression while my Melchizedek self learned to deal with mortal limitation. On the spring equinox of 1971 I was initiated as Matia Melchizedek and the Constitution of Earths Order of Melchizedek was revealed by Machiventa Melchizedek at a place called Omleshivalken, Oregon. A small group of believers gathered quickly and we established a community in the hills above Clear Lake, California, where the Melchizedek Calendar was revealed and Melchizedek communicated with the Heads of State of all the nations of the planet. We were instructed to move to the Palm Springs/Indio desert which we did and soon grounded the first Temple Community of Earths Order of Melchizedek where the first Earth Council Tau was grounded from which issued another Melchizedek communication to the Planetary heads of state and we were instructed concerning the architecture of the Temple, the structure of the temple community, and the ceremonies attendant to initiations and bestowals. The community, which we called The Garden of the Setting Sun, grew in less than a year from the founding 8 to over 125. This was a very productive time for the Order. We initiated many people into the United Humanitarians and the Earth Council, grounded Rhana Taus and began making contact with the surrounding communities. Six months following the grounding of the Earth Council Tau we were instructed to "expand the works influence." Whereupon a small contingent of us prepared to embark on a journey of expansion. This journey resulted in the establishment and grounding of a contact center in Ogden, Utah, an information and communication center in Denver, Colorado, and a contact center at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. The Temple Community at the Garden of the Setting Sun was left with Satki Melchizedek functioning as Focus of the endeavour but his mortal host, Rick Case, refused to allow Satki sufficient expression to maintain spiritual focus and the community began to disintegrate. At the time of the Temple Community's demise I was focusing the contact center at Grand Canyon with Volton Melchizedek as my Melchizedek contact and mortal companion. A few months after arriving at the Grand Canyon we were inundated by a large group of people from the Temple Community. I got them all jobs at the various facilities located at the Canyon, we rented a couple of houses and began functioning as a Melchizedek Community. We grounded an Earth Council Tau at the Canyon which issued a decree instructing me to "go to Eyamayu." I didn't know what or where Eyamayu was but I immediately made preparations for the Journey. I selected one High Priest and two Apostles, Tzokan and Volton & Nabon respectively, to accompany me on the trip. What a trip it was. About five miles north of Las Vegas on I15 a star was pointed out to us and we were told to "follow that Star." That journey took us over many back roads, through dry washes, past several isolated ranches and finally brought us to the Grand Wash at the north end of Lake Mead. There we established a base camp and began learning more about life and the Melchizedek Mission. Meanwhile, back at the Grand Canyon, the community was deteriorating due to lack of spiritual focus and I was approached by Park Rangers who asked me if I was "leader of a group located at Grand Canyon," to which I replied, "yes," and they then told me I had "better get back there as soon as possible because the people of the community were getting into trouble." My mortal self was livid with rage and the anger had subsided very little by the time of my return to the Canyon. Shortly after my return to the Canyon my mortal self disbanded the community and told the people how pissed and disappointed he was with their performance. From the Grand Canyon a group of us journeyed to the contact center in Ogden, Utah. In Ogden, my host finally relented and allowed my Melchizedek at least partial expression. From Ogden we expanded to an Ashram Swaraj,(house of learning,) another information and communication center and another contact center. At this time we had a contact center in Ogden, Utah, a contact center in Phoenix Arizona, an information and communication center in Denver Colorado, an information and communication center in Salt Lake City, Utah, and an Ashram Swaraj, also in Salt Lake City. An Earth Council Tau was grounded at the Ashram which confounded the Melchizedek calendar and issued decrees to establish contact centers in Corpus Christi, Texas, Seattle, Washington, Lake Tahoe, Nevada/California, and Phoenix Arizona..

I determined to focus the group going to Lake Tahoe where we established a contact center and a Childrens Home School. An Earth Council Tau was grounded in Lake Tahoe and we were instructed to move the Childrens Home School to an undisclosed location in Idaho. We packed up the children and their guardians and headed for Idaho where we were led to a most beautiful spot high in the mountains above Stanley Idaho. We set about building the community structure and teaching the children. As the summer wore on we were visited by members of the other groups and we grounded another Earth Council Tau which warned us that we could not rely on the other groups for support and to plan our moves accordingly. We moved, reluctantly, from Idaho to Las Vegas, Nevada, where we set up a Melchizedek household/contact center. The Las Vegas household became the World Headquarters of EOOM, (Earths Order Of Melchizedek,) because I was in residence and I am the Spokesman of the Earth Council. We also had in residence 5 sometimes 6 or 7 High Priests, 7 sometimes 8 or 9 Apostles, and 5 sometimes 6,7,8, or 9 Prophets, several Aaronic Priesthood members and several United Humanitarians. The High Priests, Apostles and Prophets were all in various degrees of the incarnation process and the lessons were coming hot and heavy. Our final community endeavour was Fairloam Farms, located outside Tulsa Oklahoma. Finally in 1978 we were required to legally change our names to reflect our Melchizedek connections. Several of us approached the Courts of the land and were granted legal recognition of our Melchizedek Names. We founded the Melchizedek Family with the following members Tzokan, Jekum, Luukus, Reikor, Nikki, Satki, Aaron, Volton, Kordon, Nabon, Laron, Lee Ann, Rhodon, Mason, Bak-Ti-Va, Jessica, Day-Ahn-Na and six children were born into the Melchizedek family; Malena, Ureal, Uriah, Matthia, Little One and Erin.

The Current disposition of the family, as I understand it, is as follows; Tzokan, Reikor, Nabon and Day-Ahn-Na all changed their names back to Roger Sesser, Tim Jolly, T.J. Nash and Lynn Sesser, respectively. Luukus, Laron and Bak-Ti-Va have died, unnecessarily, Ureal died , unnecessarily, Jekum is considering changing his name back to Richard Jarnigan, Nikki has married Tim Jolly, Jessica and her four children still bear the name, Satki is in Chicago doing whatever it is that Satki does, Aaron, Volton, Kordon, and Rhodon are all living in Las Vegas doing whatever it is they do, Lee Ann, the last I heard, was living in northern California and had married and I am living in Las Vegas doing whatever it is that I do.

Now that you know a little about my background I would like to share with you my understanding of what the Melchizedek mission is.

107 Melchizedek Sons of Nebadon volunteered to participate in what has become known as the Nebadon Grand Experiment wherein the Melchizedek personalities would attempt to incarnate with Mortal personalities. The process is at least one Tzad Aum, (7 year cycle), long although no one has achieved success in that period of time as yet. Machiventa required 3 Tzad Aums, (21 years) to achieve success and I have required just shy of 6 Tzad Aums, (42 years,) to achieve my level of success. the other living Melchizedek are in various degrees of incarnation, including the children. I am in contact, sporadically, with other living Melchizedeks and we are , as yet, unable to achieve Melchizedek Union. When we do reach Union we will quickly raise 70 to 100 million dollars to construct the Eyamayu community and rejuvenate EOOM which is the pilot structure of the new world order. Until such time as we achieve Union, we will continue to live our separate lives. I know there is at least one, possibly nine other living Melchizedeks who are working on Union with the mortal host because none of us yet function adequately alone or in groups of 2, 3, or 4. However, there is a change in the unanimity requirements of the mission coming about probably before the next equinox or solstice. I have religiously and consistently yielded to the Melchizedek reality since 1978 with a few bouts of mortal depression and doubt thrown into the experiential mix. My mortal personality is apparently quite abrasive because no one seems to be able to tolerate an intimate association with me for very long. I am working on that problem and hope to have it solved very soon.

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